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Manual testing

Manual Software Testing Services

Software testing should not be regarded as an action that is initiated only once the product development has been fully executed. At CyberCraft, we believe that combining functionality, performance, and security characterizes Quality. Therefore, we always provide the most professional software testing services by expert quality control engineers, both manual and automated.

Generally speaking, the main idea of manual software testing is to find and fix bugs and to check software applicability. We can also include manually creating test cases to assure that software performs to the customer’s specifications. When we test manually, components and products are checked for functionality without any kind of automated tools or scripts. Manual software testing is indispensable when a program simply cannot predict and detect everything that a competent manual software tester is able to, essentially, when it comes to user interface.

CyberCraft Solution - Dedicated Manual Software Testing Team

Depending on the requirements of your specific project, CyberCraft will hire remote manual software testers that suit your business needs perfectly. Our engineers add value on every project’s development phase by finding and correcting the most severe bugs, confirming their reproducibility and tracking them before completion. Thus, you can be assured of 100% quality and productivity at every stage of the testing process:

  • Requirements/Design Review
  • Test Planning (test strategy, estimation and scheduling)
  • Test Designing (requirements traceability matrix and creation of test cases)
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Test Execution (test reports and defect tracking)
  • Validation of Defects and Fixes
  • Final Test Reporting (test and defect metrics)

Offshore Software Testing Services

With our commitment to excellence, CyberCraft builds dedicated teams with vast experience and the most up-to-date knowledge of custom software development trends, newest testing tools and cutting-edge technologies. To assure superior quality of your product, we always use various types of testing:

  • Component/System functional
  • Acceptance
  • Regression
  • Localization
  • Compatibility/Configuration
  • Stress
  • Load
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Comparison
  • Compatibility
  • Recovery
  • User interface and usability

Our clients’ needs have always been the highest priority for us, and that is why we have many returning customers. What makes CyberCraft an ideal software development outsourcing solution for your company is that we can find and set up the best expert team solely dedicated to your project. In other words, your business needs will be executed with utmost focus and professionalism. Thus, with CyberCraft, you can always count on your product’s improved quality, performance and reliability.

"Based in Ukraine, our company provides premium outstaffing services around the globe, connecting the best IT minds from Eastern Europe with our international customers. "