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IT Project Management Outsourcing - Benefits

Deciding whether to outsource your organization’s IT project management functions can be complicated. Before taking this step, you have to assess many factors, keeping in mind that there isn’t any universal remedy based on the industry sector, size or type of your company. Just as you choose a specific project management outsourcing methodology, think over all the cons and pros to get the full picture. And as there are multiple advantages of IT project management outsourcing, you should consider them all to be able to understand that it would be the best solution for your business.

There are a number of reasons companies all over the world prefer to outsource IT project management functions. The key benefits include the following:

  • Higher level of objectivity: any person outside the company is less likely to be influenced by office politics and, therefore, he or she can bring an independent and more objective view of what is better for the company, a fresh look at scheduling, planning and controlling.
  • Outsourced project managers will do industry-specific research, bringing in and implementing the best practices and the most recent knowledge. Working with an outside provider, the overall productivity and the ROI often is higher than with in-house project management.
  • Customers can focus on core business processes and objectives, while professional outsourced project managers take care of everyday responsibilities.
  • Cost flexibility: it is significantly easier to increase or decrease the cost, according to the needs.
  • When outsourcing IT project management you can gain the necessary experience for handling similar future projects.

Dedicated Project Managers - Services

If you have decided to leverage IT project management outsourcing, we will cover all of your needs. CyberCraft is a reputable outsourcing company that can provide you with highly qualified and experienced PMs to successfully deal with all phases of project management life cycle:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Closure

We can provide assistance starting from any of these phases, not only initiation. Our experts can cover the following areas:

  • Independent consultancy
  • Independent certification
  • Executive project management
  • Project audits
  • Contract administration
  • Development management
  • Portfolio management
  • In-house team strengthening

Depending on your precise requirements and exclusively for your project, CyberCraft will pick and assign the best dedicated project managers who can use various development approaches ranging from classic waterfall to agile or a hybrid model approach.

However, since agile methodology with scrum brings real value, more and more customers tend to prefer it. Therefore, whichever model is most suitable for your software development project, CyberCraft will find the top-notch professionals to make it a triumph.

Project Management Outsourcing - CyberCraft

  1. CyberCraft will provide a fresh professional perspective when you outsource with us. Our experts will make every effort to study all the ins and outs of your business, yet being an outside party, they can think like your customer in ways that you are not able to.
  2. CyberCraft will save you time and effort. Project management is an extremely specialized field of expertise requiring great attention to detail, stress-resistance, and the ability to look strategically at all business processes, to manage various tasks and adhere to tight schedules simultaneously. Experts with all these skills are in high demand and very difficult to find. CyberCraft has a pool of the best professionals, so we will ease your pain and will promptly resolve your PM needs.
  3. CyberCraft will save you money. From a business perspective, high-quality project management outsourcing means successful execution of projects, which allows your onshore staff and stakeholders to concentrate on their main responsibilities. If you don’t have sufficient internal resources to achieve your goals, then hiring outsourced project managers may be the most optimal solution cost-wise in comparison with less qualified in-house staff.
"If you don’t have internal resources that are competent enough, then outsourcing to an outside expert may be the most optimal solution cost-wise in comparison with hiring a less qualified in-house project manager."