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Outsourced Automated Software Testing - Benefits

Obviously, the primary purpose of automated software testing it to boost the efficiency and coverage of the entire software testing process, thus saving time and money. Despite the fact that not everything can be done by automated QA, this form of testing does have many advantages. And there are instances when it is decidedly advisable to hire an expert automation engineer or an entire team of engineers to achieve better quality and ensure consistent and accurate results. For example, unlike manual software testing, automation can either perform repeated tests simultaneously, or run a controlled app test with millions of users. This will finally result in a positive return on investment. Apart from saving money, there are a number of additional advantages to automated software testing.

The benefits of automation testing outsourcing service with CyberCraft are evident:

  • Cost and time reduction
  • Flexibility and repeatability
  • Product quality, performance and uniformity improvement
  • Increased yields
  • Multi-platform execution
  • Decreased cycle times
  • Increased user confidence
  • Ability to run multiple tests simultaneously
  • Continuous integration facilitation
  • Increased competitiveness

Automation Testing Outsourcing - CyberCraft will handle all your software testing needs

CyberCraft is a software development outsourcing company that is located in Ukraine and provides automated testing services, QC analysis, design, development and consulting not only within Europe, but globally as well. Our dedicated teams of IT professionals implement industry best practices and innovative technologies, therefore, we deliver premium services. We assemble remote dedicated teams according to your exact requirements and integrate them with your existing team, so that they become a part of your project. Additionally, our expertise in the industry allows us to efficiently evaluate an app or resource, and to objectively define and implement the most effective automated software testing solutions. Indeed, it does not matter where you are physically located, we can deliver both offshore and nearshore outsourcing services tailored to your specific needs.

“Our excellent reputation, solid knowledge of our experts, attractive pricing policy, and the use of the newest technologies are the key reasons why CyberCraft is an ideal solution for you. We will ensure continued success of your business!“